Beam Expanders
A beam expander can changes the beam size and divergence characteristics. Beam expanders have numerous uses. By expanding a beam prior to focusing, smaller focal spot sizes can be achieved. Beam expanders improve a beam collimation. They are also used to change the beam diameter To meet different requirements. Using a spatial filter with a beam expander can make an asymmetrical beam profile more symmetric and provide more uniform energy distribution. The beam expanders are used in 10.6 µm、9.4µm、1064nm、633nm、532nm、355nm and 266nm . The beam expanders includes the fixed Series; the adjustable series; the zoom beam expander and Water cool beam expander.The fixed and adjustable beam expanders , according to their shape, can be divided into the Trumpet-shape and the Cylinder-shape ; according to the connecting way ,is divided intocylindrical connection and screw connection.
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